Cathy Beggan – The Successful Business Owner


Managing your own company could be one of the hardest responsibilities of a person. But there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your business grow out of your own effort and hard work. This is exactly the feeling of Cathy Beggan after she successfully built Rise-N-Shine. Because of her deep passion for managing a business, she came up with the thought of putting up her own business that sells natural supplements. You Can Contact Cathy Beggan Here:

Cathy Beggan

On the first years of Rise-N-Shine as an established company and manufacturer of supplements, Cathy was so eager to fulfill all her dreams for the company. In her interest for creating and innovating products that are truly helpful to the health of people, she managed to make two of her best products which are Catalase Extreme and Wake Up on Time. These products haven become best-selling even after their initial release in the market.

It was Cathy who conceptualized the production of the products at which she carefully select the ingredients herself to make sure that they will be using only premium ingredients for them. Catalase Extreme was able to get the attention of people who are after enhancing their physical appearance particularly the hair. It has been easy for Cathy to formulate Catalase Extreme because she studied well on how the product will look like for the consumers. This product aims to lessen the burden of people especially the adults with gray hair. Obviously, as we get older, we will experience the development of gray hair. With Catalase Extreme, we can prevent the appearance of gray hair making us look younger than our age.

Another success of Rise-N-Shine was when they manufactured Wake Up on Time that is also a natural supplement that is meant to make us aware of time and wake up early for school or work. Basically, Cathy has formulated the product out of her intention to help people succeed in their daily activities. This product is not only a supplement but also an energizer that will give you energy to do things throughout the day. Without enough energy, it can be hard for someone to go on with his work. This is why the goal of the supplement is to amplify your capacity of doing what you like most within the day with enough energy to sustain you.

These products by Rise-N-Shine are truly groundbreaking in the sense that they were able to help a lot of people in their everyday struggle. Without the expertise of Cathy Beggan in the medicine field, it might be hard for the company to establish its name in the industry. Although there had been many challenges that Cathy faced during the establishment of the business, she managed to conquer all her fears and pursue her dreams. It was her goal to invest in a business where she will be able to help the majority and it came true.

Cathy Beggan

Because of her persistence and dedication to make things happen the way she wants them to happen, Cathy became a successful businesswoman. There are only few women who succeeded in involving in business especially in this competitive world. It was never in her dreams that she will attain this prestige. What she only wants is to manage her own business and that’s all. Cathy never expected that she will be as popular as she is right now. This all because of her knowledge and extraordinary skills in business management.

Business owners have different ways to ensure the growth and success of their businesses. In the case of Cathy Beggan, she has unique skills and wisdom on who she will handle every trial in her business. Now, she is at the top of success that other business owners look up to her.